Treating Rosacea-Prone Clients With the DiamondTome Hydro Wand

Approximately half of those who suffer from rosacea have dry skin. But why?

Because rosacea often involves a compromised moisture barrier. In turn, a damaged moisture barrier makes skin prone to injury and water loss. And when skin experiences damage and water loss this leads to increased inflammation and sensitivity.

But what causes damage to skin prone to rosacea? Some factors that cause damage include:

  • Dry weather
  • Dry air
  • Indoor heaters
  • Water that is too hot or too cold
  • Irritants in skincare like witch hazel, peppermint, alcohol, menthol, and fragrance

The best way to treat a compromised moisture barrier is with simple, hydrating products, as well as occlusive products that prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL). And just because a rosacea-prone client is more sensitive to skincare products, that doesn’t mean they can’t receive professional treatments.

Offer your clients with rosacea a customized DiamondTome treatment with our patented Hydro Wand® using the smooth tip. With the Hydro Wand, you can infuse any hydrating and moisturizing serums you choose deeply into their skin.

The result is healthy, hydrated skin with less inflammation and redness.

Learn more about our Hydro Wand here.

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