The path to ageless beauty doesn’t end at your face – it extends to your neck, chest, and décolletage. These areas must deal with the world’s elements daily, battling the sun’s rays, cold, wind, pollution, and more. The areas of the neck, chest, and décolletage are often left neglected, leading to visible damage. We invite you to discover the gentle power of DiamondTome treatments for an extraordinary level of skin renewal. 

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A complete rejuvenation

The neck, chest, and décolletage can develop lines, wrinkles, crepey skin, and other aesthetic issues. DiamondTome's crystal-free microdermabrasion systems include customized treatment devices developed specifically for these areas, including NewApeel, Petite, and DT3 Skin Resurfacing System. These systems harness the magic of diamond-tipped wands to restore a clear, smooth neck and décolletage – gently and effectively. 

Your skin’s radiance renewed

With the DiamondTome exfoliation treatments, coupled with our advanced Hydro Wands, you can experience the confidence of smoother, younger-looking skin. Regular treatments can keep your skin looking fresh, healthy, and supple and avoid the need for more invasive treatments. 

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The gentle brilliance of diamond-tipped exfoliation

DiamondTome, with its diamond-tipped microdermabrasion systems, presents a revolutionary way to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. Unlike traditional crystal exfoliation, which can be abrasive and harsh on the delicate neck, chest, and décolletage skin, diamond-tipped exfoliation has a gentler touch. The precision of diamond-tipped wands effectively removes damaged skin layers while minimizing discomfort, heat, and inflammation. The result is a comfortable experience that achieves remarkable results without needing extensive recovery.

Timeless beauty with the power of diamonds

In your quest for radiant skin, the choice between diamond-tipped and crystal exfoliation should be considered – what IS the difference? Each method promises to reveal glowing skin, but they differ significantly in their approach and outcomes. Let’s explore the distinct advantages of diamond-tipped exfoliation with DiamondTome devices over the traditional crystal-based approach.

Crystal exfoliation vs. DiamondTome

Crystal exfoliation, while effective, comes with its limitations. The crystals used in this method can be abrasive, causing discomfort and irritation, especially on sensitive areas like the neck, chest, and décolletage. Moreover, crystal exfoliation often necessitates recovery periods due to the potential for skin redness and irritation. This can be inconvenient for those with busy lives.

Diamond advantage for neck, chest & décolletage

When it comes to treating the delicate areas of the neck, chest, and décolletage, the choice is clear. Diamond-tipped exfoliation with DiamondTome delivers a more comfortable and effective experience. The sensitive nature of these regions requires a delicate touch, and diamond-tipped wands provide just that. They gently exfoliate the skin, unveiling a smoother, clearer, and rejuvenated appearance without causing unnecessary discomfort or downtime.

Experience the difference

Don’t settle for half-measures. Discover the power of DiamondTome and redefine the way you approach skincare. Connect with a world where neck, chest, and décolletage radiate beauty as profound as your face. Your journey starts with contacting a skincare provider equipped with these devices. Meet your new best friend by finding a provider in your area.

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