Revitalize your skin without downtime.

The unmistakable marks of time can appear on your face as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, or persistent dryness. If you're seeking a gentle, effective solution, look no further. Microdermabrasion, the skincare secret trusted by professionals, has evolved into an exceptional way to rejuvenate your facial skin. Bid farewell to lackluster skin and welcome a newfound radiance with our diamond-tipped microdermabrasion system.

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Why choose DiamondTome for microdermabrasion?

Gone are the days dominated by abrasive crystal-based systems that disrupted your skin's harmony. The DiamondTome innovations set the gold standard for facial care. Unlike its abrasive predecessors, the diamond-tipped DiamondTome Wand delivers a gentle and transformative process without downtime, inflammation, or needlessly stressing your skin.

The NewApeel microdermabrasion system, equipped with the DiamondTome wand, has revolutionized the field of skin rejuvenation. Your facial transformation becomes a seamless journey – without disrupting your day. 

The path to radiant skin starts here.

Repeated treatments unveil a remarkable change in your complexion. Enjoy the gradual fading of fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, and other imperfections, all contributing to a refreshed, youthful appearance. The increased natural production of collagen and elastin enhances skin even further – it is pure beauty at its best.

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DiamondTome vs. crystal microdermabrasion: The clear choice for radiant facial skin.

The choice between DiamondTome and crystal microdermabrasion is clear. While both methods aim to enhance your skin's radiance, there are crucial differences that set DiamondTome apart as the superior option.

Gentle results vs. abrasive discomfort

DiamondTome embraces the gentle touch of diamonds, offering exfoliation that is kind to your skin. In contrast, crystal microdermabrasion, while effective, is harsh on delicate facial skin, leading to discomfort, often requiring a few days of recovery. With DiamondTome, you'll experience a treatment that leaves you feeling pampered, revitalized, and free to return to your usual day without interruptions.

Lovely, rejuvenated skin can be yours

Unlike crystal microdermabrasion, which often involves downtime, DiamondTome's gentle process ensures you can resume your routine right away. Experience a "lunch hour" treatment and go back to your day looking your best.

Your skin will thank you.

DiamondTome is the ultimate choice for individuals seeking advanced exfoliation that combines effectiveness, comfort, and convenience. Embark on a journey where innovation meets beauty. Discover the unparalleled advantages of DiamondTome and experience a new era of exfoliation designed exclusively for your skin's unique needs.

The DiamondTome Collection

Hydro Wand + DiamondTome = the ultimate in refreshed, healthy skin.

Pairing the DiamondTome wand with our Hydro Wand enhances the experience. Infuse your skin with our advanced skin rejuvenation serums, or curate a blend that suits your preferences. This fusion of gentle exfoliation and deep hydration is appropriate for all skin types, leaving behind a luminous, velvety finish.

DT3 Skin Resurfacing System

Our DT3 Skin Resurfacing System offers an unparalleled fusion of exfoliation and hydration. Our DiamondTome exfoliation wand is exceptionally gentle and effective without traumatizing delicate facial skin.

Are you ready to embrace radiant transformation? Contact a DiamondTome provider near you and witness the magic of diamond-tipped skincare unfold.

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