The magic of DiamondTome for fresh, glowing skin

Reveal a luminous complexion and transform lackluster skin into a radiant canvas with the help of DiamondTome treatment devices. Whether you hope to rejuvenate your skin or treat the effects of aging, DiamondTome offers a range of innovative solutions to restore the glow of healthy skin.

The glowing skin you love.

Chronically dull and lackluster skin can affect anyone, but the solution lies in the power of diamond microdermabrasion. As aging progresses, dead skin cells accumulate on the surface, contributing to a dull, lifeless appearance. DiamondTome microdermabrasion effectively restores vitality and luster to the skin, revealing a refreshed complexion.

What causes dull, lackluster skin?

Understanding the underlying causes of dull skin is essential for tailored treatments. Genetics, aging, exposure to the sun, environmental pollutants, stress, and sleep patterns contribute to lackluster skin. Your skincare provider will evaluate your skin to identify skin issues, and craft a custom treatment plan, with the help of DiamondTome. 

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Restoring radiance

Experience the remarkable effects of DiamondTome microdermabrasion, a transformative treatment that brings immediate results. Following a session, clients will witness their skin's revival, and the subsequent increase in collagen and elastin production will ensure a dewy, supple appearance over the following months. Diamond microdermabrasion, supported by the DiamondTome technology, becomes essential to your skin rejuvenation regimen, even for those with the most sensitive skin.

Natural diamonds – it matters.

Unlike synthetic alternatives competitors use, we employ natural diamonds in the DiamondTome Wand—experience microdermabrasion excellence, backed by our dedication to quality. 

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NewApeel Microdermabrasion System

Experience modern skincare through the NewApeel microdermabrasion system. Based on our innovations in diamond-based exfoliation, this system delicately banishes congestion and impurities, breathing new life into your skin's appearance. Reveal a refreshed and renewed complexion as the NewApeel system meticulously revives your skin's natural radiance, leaving the glow of youthful vitality.

DT3 Skin Resurfacing System

Embark on a transformative journey to revive lackluster skin with the DT3 Skin Resurfacing System. This groundbreaking device merges the benefits of diamond-based exfoliation with the infusion of potent healing serums. Experience a profound rejuvenation as revitalizing nutrients penetrate your skin for a renewed and radiant complexion.

DiamondTome Wands

Indulge in advanced skincare with treatments with the DiamondTome Wands, meticulously crafted using natural diamonds. These wands offer targeted exfoliation tailored to diverse skin concerns, ensuring a personalized approach that addresses your unique skin condition. Designed with contoured precision for different body areas, DiamondTome Wands delivers a fully customizable approach for exceptional results that enhance skin health and natural glow.

Hydration with HydroWands

Uplift your skincare ritual with the transformative power of HydroWands, a testament to innovation. Expertly designed, these wands enhance the infusion of healing serums deep into your skin for optimal hydration and nourishment. Elevate your daily beauty routine as HydroWands supply what your skin craves for natural radiance, health, and vitality.

Specialized Care with HydroSerums

Experience unparalleled skin renewal with the help of our HydroSerums, meticulously curated to complement DiamondTome treatments. This range of specialized serums, combined with the gentle exfoliation of our DiamondTome devices, offers targeted solutions to address the full range of skin concerns. From combating congestion to nurturing overall skin well-being, HydroSerums can help you have a complexion that radiates beauty and health.

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For the ultimate skin renewal, you deserve to be under the care of a skincare provider equipped with these advanced treatment options.

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